A Sustainable Human Society is Possible, When we work Together.


* Addressing Immediate Need
* Strengthening Capacities
* Participatory Analysis
* Organising & Mobilising
* Conference/Submit & Research to develop and Promote Alternatives
* Working with Social Movement Advocacy & Consultations

Community/Public Health Intervention
  • Infection/disease Prevention & control, Testing & Diagnoses, Care & Support and Impact mitigation (HIV/AIDS, Malaria, TB and Hepatitis Intervention)
  • Maternal and Infant Mortality/Morbidity (Family planning & Antenatal Care, Nutrition & Immunization)
  • Water and Sanitation (Environmental Health Education and Safe Water provision)

Child Development & Protection

  • a. Child Right
  • b. Case management and
  • c. Care and Support

Health Insurance Scheme

Technical Facilitation and Management of Community Mutual Health Insurance Scheme

Our Goal

To contribute to the sustainability of the human community through eradication and impact mitigation of socio-economic challenges and human capacity development.

Our Vision

To attain sustainable human society.

Our Mission

To provide social intervention services that addresses the challenges of sustainable human society, through people centred approaches in both urban and rural communities.


Pearl Support Group

This platform is open for people who have been tested for chronic or viral Hepatitis and are willing to be part of a support structure where their experience and best practise can be shared to promote sustainable treatment and livelihood among the world community. READ MORE

Up Coming Events

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